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May, A Client I Love

  There are many aspects to hair styling from a stylist’s point of view, sure, creating beautiful work, keeping up with trends; it’s a profession where you never stop evolving your skills and visions and that is great. But one aspect that I find most profound and meaningful is when you actually connect on a personal level with the client….

It doesn’t always happen but when it does it is wonderful; a one of a kind relationship.  You get to talk about personal issues and share thoughts with one another and everything happens while touching that person– combing their hair and massaging their heads for an hour or so.  In some cases we hair stylists are the only ones, or one of the few people allowed to get so close to certain individuals, just like a doctor or a massage therapist.  That makes this profession somehow important.

the bob haircut

When I met May she was just a little girl, around 5 or 6 years old and it was love at first sight.  Since that young age there was something in her eyes, kind of penetrating and her smile, the warmest and of course her hair; straight, full, with perfect texture and a beautiful blond.  We experimented with many different looks, from short pixie cut to longer and shaggy, or a texturized bob.  During every haircut we laugh, and swear that it must be the best haircut so far…..


It has been a great pleasure to watch May growing up… Her wit makes me laugh, plus she laughs at my jokes ……anyone who knows me understands how much I value that.  Now that May is in her twenties we discuss issues about my teenager son.  I was very happy when May accepted my request, allowing me to take her portrait, with her last new haircut ( the best so far)!  Since early childhood, May is bound to a wheelchair, which I’m really bad at pushing, she definitely should wear a helmet when I do that…. (wait!!! that would mess up her hair!!!)

graduated bob haircuts

 May truly is an inspiration to me.


Marco C. Michelus

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Marco C. Michelus

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