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Meet The Girl With Blue Hair And Discover How To Style Short Sexy Hair

From pixies and crops to quiffs and shags, short hair is without a doubt a hot hair trend this year. Top models, celebrities and real women alike  have chopped their locks into fun, short haircuts.
Short Sexy Hair

The girl with blue hair stands out, with shocking, head-turning color and lots of texture.  Avatar and Gina Lollobrigida inspire this  seductive hairstyle which has a modern and edgy feel.

Blue Hair Girl

How To Create This Hairstyle:

You Will Need:


Blow Dryer

  • Hair Dryer Elchim

Remove the concentrator nozzle of the blow dryer.  Direct air down the shafts of your hair on low-heat.  Move the dryer around your head until all of your hair feels dry.  Then…



  • great hair products


Pick random sections of hair and spritz hairspray on each, before curling it with…..

A Clamp-Free Curling Iron


  • curling wand

A skinnier barrel is better for this hairstyle.  Hold the styling wand over your head in an upward position, perpendicular to the head.  Wearing the protective heat glove on the opposite hand,  wrap your hair around the barrel.  The secret to creating this grungy texture in your hair is to wrap hair strands in different directions, curl some in and some out.  Don’t worry about making perfect curls, its imperfection is what makes this hairstyle so avant-garde.

Light Pomade

  • short hair products

Scoop a little pomade and rub it between your palms. Scrunch and mold your hair, pull and manipulate hair strands into angles and face-framing feathery layers.

Designed and photographed by stylist Marco Candela-Michelus.
Hair Color: Sandra Vasilescu
Makeup Artist: Dino Mastrogiovanni

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