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Mens Haircuts 2015: Fashion Trends, Useful Hair Products & The New Pompadour Hairstyle For Guys

 Useful Mens Hair Products, Fashion Trends


Hair Styling Tips for the Pompadour Haircut

Created & photographed by Marco Candela Michelus

Modern Hairstyles For Men

The modern Pompadour hairstyle is extra-long on top, and short on sides and back.

Marco’s latest interpretation of the pompadour hairstyle makes a bold fashion statement.

hair stylist nyc With exaggerated length on top while back and sides stay short and tidy, the pompadour haircut looks smart and exudes quiet confidence.  This hairstyle is highly versatile.  Wear it neat or messy.

What You Need To Style It…

Create height in your pompadour with a blow dryer and a vent brush; style the top section up and back.  When hair is dry, add product gradually to mold hair and create definition.

Bend it like Beckham


vent styling brush

  • Bobby Original Vent Brush
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If Your Hair Is Thick Use…

best mens hair styling products

  • Davines Strong Dry Wax
  • Buy it here.

 If Your Hair Is Fine Use…

mens styling products for fine hair

  • Rusk Being Primitive Clay
  • Buy it here.

If Your Hair Gets Sticky Use…

best mens shampoo[

  • Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo
  • Buy it here.
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