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Good hair days at downtown salon

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Master Of All: Top Hair Stylist Galina Moshkov

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Long time client publishes her first novel. We dig it!

A long time client of Lance Lappin, Julie Sternberg published her first novel “LIKE PICKLE JUICE ON A COOKIE“. We are delighted that Julie has Lance featured in her book. Julie and her children still get their haircuts at our hair salon. Stop by TriBeCa and get a signed copy. About the author: Julie Sternberg […] Read more

Hair and makeup courtesy of NYC hair stylists at salon in NYC

We were so thrilled to have our sweepstakes winner over for makeover. Stay tuned for the video with before and after shots. In the meantime…isn’t she stunning?? :) […] Read more

Hair salon in NYC: Short haircuts for women

You want to cut short, but how short is too short and who can wear it? The most important factors are your hair texture and the shape of your face. Ideal face shapes for short haircuts: oval-shaped; angular cheekbones; lightly square-shaped Short haircuts options: über-short crops; thick, exaggerated fringes; bangs; bobs […] Read more

Happy New Year @ Lance Lappin TriBeCa

2011 in every step With Love and Appreciation Lance and Ivy Chuck, Sandra, J.V, Kiyo, Galina, Angela, Chester, Regina, Nicole, Soong, Reem, Tawana, Sam, Laura Lotito, Lau, Laura Lopez […] Read more

Old And New TriBeCa: West Broadway & Duane Street 1985

It was a windy and very cold night in March, 1985. Lance and I were invited to a birthday party at the Acute Café, now home to HSBC bank on W. Broadway.  The taxi driver, who had no idea how to get to the address given to him, dropped us off at the corner of […] Read more

Where To Get FREE Bang Trims in NYC

This is not about how to trim your own bangs. There are plenty of videos and more than enough articles about this popular subject. This is to help you determine whether bangs are for you and/or HOW to maintain the bangs you may already have. In 26 years of business as a hair salon in […] Read more

A gem among hair salons in NYC

Nothing is more fulfilling in the hairdressing business than the love of your clients, the sense of accomplishment each of us gets when we feel we’ve touched someone’s life. Being a hair stylist in a New York City salon is not easy. We know there are plenty of salons and talented stylists to choose from. […] Read more

Insider Hair And Makeup Tips From Our Wedding Stylists: How To Look Elegant On Your Wedding Day

Take a walk down the aisle with our wedding stylists and learn important insider hair and makeup tips to help you look elegant and timeless on your wedding day. Think of your wedding day hair and make up as part of your outfit.  Your wedding dress, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup all need to work together […] Read more

Short Haircuts: The English Boy Haircut By Galina Moshkov

It’s hard to imagine a haircut that wouldn’t suit this beautiful girl.  However, making the “English boy haircut” look bold and feminine requires a master of the art.  We love this stand out in the crowd boyish chic looks designed by hair stylist Galina Moshkov. Galina Moshkov No hair texture scares Galina when it comes […] Read more

Trick Or Treat At Lance Lappin-TriBeCa salon

Halloween at Lance Lappin Salon in New York is an experience no one in TriBeCa wants to miss.  Every year without fail Lance adorns his windows, fills his baskets with candy and takes a seat on his stoop awaiting trick or treaters. Lance Lappin and his wife Ivy opened Lance Lappin salon at 123 West […] Read more

Take Your Hair Routine Back To Basics. Hairs Some Tips To Rejuvenate Your Style.

  Hair Requires Regular Trimming Mid length bob hairstyles are flattering on most faces and can be worn straight or wavy.  Remember: NOTHING repairs split ends better than good ol’ scissors.  Regular trips to your hair stylist will keep your hair healthy, easy to style and looking fabulous.   You Get What You Pay For.  Invest […] Read more

How To Get Beautiful Balayage Highlights For Your Brown Hair

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Likewise, good hair color is a work in progress. Provided you have good chemistry with your hair stylist, you should stick with him or her. “One night stand” visits at every hair salon in NYC is never the answer for gorgeous sun kissed highlights. When you start at a […] Read more

JV Galindo, A Wedding Hair And Airbrush Makeup Specialist In NYC

NYC hair stylist JV GALINDO has been a member of our hair salon for the past 3 years. He is an artist with over 18 years of professional experience in the beauty industry. His hair and makeup have been featured in television, stage performance and print magazines such as Vogue. JV was born in the […] Read more

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