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Vibrant Hair Designs: French Braid Hairstyle And Neon Hair Color

Hair Design: Yves De Leon Neon Hair Color Creation: Crystal Lake   Keep in mind that most pastel and neon hair color are semi-permanent and tend to fade very quickly.  Here are a few tips from hair stylist Crystal Lake on How To Keep Your Hair Color Vibrant As Long As Possible:     […] Read more

New Hair Color Trends: Why Is Neon Hair Color Better Than Pastel

 NEW HAIR TRENDS This season’s beauty craze is all about new hair color trends and bold hairstyles.  Vivid neon hair color hues replace last year’s pastels Haircut  & Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Sunset Orange: Hair Stylist Crystal Lake Makeup Artist: JV Galindo   Hair stylist Crystal Lake took the trend to the next level with this Sunset Orange shade that she […] Read more

Hairstyles For Men With Curly Hair And Must-Have Grooming Products

Hair And Photography: Marco Candela Michelus To create a wet effect hairstyle, apply Davines strong hold hair gel on to wet hair and comb into place. Create a deep-side part for a sexy masculine look.     MENS MUST-HAVE HAIR GROOMING PRODUCTS JACK BLACK DOUBLE HEADER SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER This 2-in-1 sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner removes product […] Read more

Mens Short Hairstyles: Daring Gradient Green Hair Color By Lau Gallico

Styling And Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Hair Color: Lau Gallico Our artistic hair stylists, Marco Candela Michelus and Lau Gallico, teamed up once again and delivered a creative mens short hairstyle with a bold gradient green, pastel hair color.  Leave it to Lau to come up with fresh and interesting colors. We dig it, how […] Read more

Best Eye Primer, Makeup For Brown Eyes, And Other Tips From A Professional Makeup Artist

 Pro Tip: Always apply an eye primer to your eyelids. It will prevent your eye makeup from smudging, creasing and fading.  Makeup Artist: JV Galindo Make sure to prime the inner and outer corners of your eyes for a consistent makeup application.   BEST EYE PRIMER MAC PREP + PRIME 24-HOUR EXTEND EYE BASE This […] Read more

Summer Makeup For A Summer Wedding With Bridal Specialist JV Galindo

Get bridal hair and makeup inspiration from JV’s latest short video clip. Show off your natural beauty on your special day with a soft color scheme.   Neutral makeup, defined eyebrows, a touch of dark on your upper lid paired with a luminous champagne eyeshadow and nude lips will give any brown-eyed beauty dewy eyes […] Read more

Pictures Of Short Haircuts, Styling Ideas & Creative Hair Color

Get Inspired With These Short Hairstyle Images Hair, Makeup & Photography Created At Lance Lappin Hair Salon In New York City ~Best Hair Salon For Short Hair~         […] Read more

Sexy Hair: How To Wear The Same Short Haircut Three Ways

Short Sexy Hair Pictures Of A Short Haircut Styled Three Ways If you think having short hair limits your styling possibilities, think again.  There are many ways to sport a long-on-top short hairstyle.  Marco, hair stylist and photographer, shares his best short hair tricks. To give your hairstyle a completely new look: interchange your side part.  Changing […] Read more

Spring Fever Hair Trends: Lucy’s Edgy Short Haircut Photo Shoot With Marco And Dino

Whether or not boho waves are a big trend in 2015, spring fever has brought a lot of people into our hair salon requesting short hairstyles. Check out this little video of a sexy short haircut that is both easy to style and ultra-versatile.  Kudos to stylist and photographer Marco Candela Michelus and our makeup […] Read more

How To Dress Up Your Short Pixie Haircut

Take Your Short Pixie Haircut To The Next Level With These Easy Tricks… Hair: Lau Gallico Makeup: Dino Mastrogiovanni Photography: Marco Candela Michelus You need a bendable hair paste that allows you to control hair shape and texture. Hair stylist Lau Gallico recommends Redken Rewind 06– Pliable Styling Paste.  Buy Redken Rewind Cream, 5 Ounce Apply a […] Read more

Best Short Hairstyles: The Short N Shaggy Haircut

Move Over Pixie, The Short N Shaggy Haircut Is Here And You’ll Love It! Hair & Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Makeup Artist: JV Galindo Pixies are having a big moment now.  If you are in the short hair club, you know that the shorter your haircut is, the higher the maintenance.  To keep up the […] Read more

Dino’s Brides – Le Spose Di Dino

Looking For A Wedding Stylist For Your Hair And Makeup?  Dino is the Man! Hair and Makeup: Dino Mastrogiovanni You may also like Dino’s Bridal Tips   […] Read more

Guys With Cool Haircuts Going Blonde: What You Need To Know

2015 Hair trends for men call for texture. Create a masculine, rebellious look so cool that you’ll get more attention than a puppy. How To Make Your Haircut Stand Out The millennial generation is having a big impact on the fashion and hair trends.  Guys in their 20s and 30s are becoming more fashion-forward and more […] Read more

Dino’s Bridal Tips: Advice On Hair And Makeup, How To Make Your Skin Glow And Dino’s Beauty Products Picks

How To Prep Your Hair For Your Wedding Day Make Your Skin Glow Plus Dino’s Absolutely Must-Have Beauty Products    Updo & Makeup: Dino Mastrogiovanni Photography: Marco Candela Michelus   Make Your Skin Glow:        Tip of the day: Add a design to your ring fingernail.  This way your husband won’t fumble on […] Read more

Layered Haircut For Long Hair And Oval Faces: Tousled Texture, Face-Framing Layers And Best Volumizing Hair Products

Inspired by beauty trends in 2015, Marco and JV’s latest collaboration — hair and makeup — speaks volume. Hair & Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Makeup: JV Galindo Most haircuts work well on oval-shaped faces.  However, if you want long hair, your haircut must have face-framing layers to keep your face’s natural balance.  For women who […] Read more

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