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Popular Hairstyles For Men: The Textured Crop Haircut By Crystal Lake

Hairstyle: Crystal Lake

Photography: Marco Candela Michelus

If you’d like a chiseled yet edgier haircut, Crystal Lake recommends the Textured Crop, a hairstyle designed to suit the lifestyle of the modern man.

Popular hairstyles for men

The cropped haircut always makes it on the list of popular mens hairstyles for its low-maintenance and less conservative feel. 

mens short hairstyle
The latest cropped haircut is longer on top with plenty of texture.  Stylist Crystal Lake adds flair to this versatile hairstyle by cutting vertical, randomly stacked layers for texture within the texture.

modern men hairstyles

How To Style It:

Towel dry your hair well.  Start with a pea size amount of product and spread it through palms before applying.  To shape and define texture, run your palms through the hair and then take random sections and mold from the root to the tip of the hair.  Add more product and apply on hair tips for a funkier, downtown feel.

What To Use:

styling men with fine hairL’OREAL ARCHITEXTURE

This sculpting paste is perfect for textured looks.  It provides a matte finish and it has a strong but flexible hold.  Great for men with fine hair.  Easy to reshape. Buy  L’Oreal Texture Expert Architexture Matte Defining Paste Here.

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