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Sandra Vasilescu: Balayage Expert and Redken Certified Hair Colorist

“If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.” ~ Hillary Rodham Clinton

Balayage expert

How would you describe your approach to doing hair color?

Simplicity defines my work. I love to create harmonious colors that look realistic. I learned the art of balayage* from the best in the industry and as a result I love to paint highlights onto the hair using a free style approach. It is never about quantity, but instead about creating a look that not only flatters your appearance  but also  makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.  It’s about accentuating your natural attributes. A soft eye that needs emphasis; skin that wants to glow; a cheek that needs a subtle accent; lips that naturally add character. A few well placed highlights will make more of a statement than a million foils. If people tell you that you look like you were born with it, we have accomplished our goal.

* Balayage: A freestyle hair highlighting technique. Highlights are hand painted on to the hair for a natural looking sun kissed effect.

What advice would you give someone considering coloring their hair for the first time?

Start with a tiny change, definitely an ammonia-free hair color, a glaze or a few highlights that frame your face. I need to know all your concerns related to your hair. I need to know your routine. I need to know why do want to color your hair? Bring me pictures, lots of them. If you don’t know what you want or like, then bring me pictures of what you don’t like. It will make a huge difference. Most importantly remember that hair is an independent variable and  it will grow back no matter what!


Do you customize a hair color service for each and every client?

Absolutely! Hair condition, upkeep, personal preference, skin tone, eye color and life style are some of the factors that help me customize every client’s hair color. You tell me what you want, I tell you what I think, we find a common denominator!

What celebrities always have great hair?

Mariah Carey, Diane Lane, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Katie Holmes, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

What approach do you use when working with returning hair color clients?

Each and every time I want to know how can I make the client’s experience even better?  I  provide a low-maintenance solution to easily maintained and, healthy looking hair. I love to see my client eventually returning to me with beautiful hair that doesn’t scream help!

What inspires your creativity?

A field of wildflowers inspires me. You never see a field of wildflowers and say: “Omigosh, that is an ugly combination of colors.” People inspire me. Children’s hair after a summer at the beach. I thrive on the regained sense of self and sex appeal that people feel when they leave my chair.

When did you know you wanted to do hair?

When I realized that doing hair means more than “just hair.” Good hair makes a statement and it is the easiest way to look modern. Keep your hair updated and it will be your best investment into your look. Good hair means an instant remedy for a lousy day, dusty skin, or boredom and it always gives your confidence a boost. I feel lucky that I have the power to help you feel and look your best.

Describe your personal style

I am a minimalist. I believe in low maintenance and high effect.  Unnatural shades are unflattering and hard to preserve, although I adore pastel hair colors.  I love the art of balayage, natural shades and I’m a huge fan of AMMONIA FREE  hair coloring, whenever possible.

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