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Take Your Hair Routine Back To Basics. Hairs Some Tips To Rejuvenate Your Style.

Lance is a genius!  After his work, I can wash my hair and walk out, knowing it dry looking fabulous.  I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my hair.  Now that I live 2 hours from New York I still come in for a cut.  By the time I work out how long my hair stays looking good, it may even be cost effective!

~ Margaret Ann R

Sharon, CT


Hair Requires Regular Trimming

Mid length bob hairstyle

Mid Length Bob Hairstyle by Galina Moshkov

Mid length bob hairstyles are flattering on most faces and can be worn straight or wavy.  Remember: NOTHING repairs split ends better than good ol’ scissors.  Regular trips to your hair stylist will keep your hair healthy, easy to style and looking fabulous.  

You Get What You Pay For.  Invest In A Precision Haircut

Long Layered hairstyles With Bangs

Long Layered Hairstyle With Bangs. Precision Haircut by Lance Lappin

Precision haircuts have strong defined lines and are very accurate.  These cuts keep their shape longer and grow out better.  You hair is an important accessory, invest in taking proper care of it.

More Layers Are NOT Always Better

Are you looking to add more volume to your hair?  Over-stressing this point may lead to a mullet.  It’s a good idea to let your hair stylist decide an updated, modern way to create body and movement in your hair.  As we know, no one sported the mullet hairstyle with more flair than Joan Jett, but she left this style behind in the 80’s and so should you.

Add Some Color To Your Life

Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas

Hair Color: Sandra Vasilescu
Hair And Makeup: Crystal Lake
Portrait: Marco Candela_Michelus

Hair Color IdeasColor smart.  Coloring your hair shouldn’t be a huge ordeal.  You can get a quick 15-25 minute gloss as seldom as a few times a year.  Glosses (aka glazes) are ammonia free, highly versatile and naturally very lustrous.  We can adjust the pigment of the gloss from transparent to only add shimmer, to rich, fully pigmented tone to enrich your natural hair color and deposit hues.  Glosses are low-maintenance with minimal to zero line of demarcation.  This year’s hair trends are all about bold, solid hair color shades and yes, dark hair is IN STYLE.

Tip Of The Week: Hot Rollers

hot beauty tools

Anyone with medium to long hair should have a set of hot rollers, they will save your life!  You don’t need to be an expert to put them in.  Once your hair is completely dry, throw them in before you apply your makeup, get dressed, take them out, put you head upside down, massage your roots with your fingertips, run your fingers through, spray some shine,  flip your hair back with a swish, DONE!!


If you find the rollers difficult, ask your stylist to show you how to set them. They will gladly do that for you.


If all else fails, you can always book an appointment with one of our talented hair stylists and they’ll give your locks all the love they need!  

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