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The Prom Tips Series, Volume 1: How to Make and Dress Up The Heidi Braid

Your senior high school year has come and gone.  Prom is coming.  And, if you’re not freaking out on your laptop clicking through picture after picture on Pinterest, looking for hairstyle inspiration that looks chic AND makes you stand out in the crowd, chances are you’re looking in the mirror thinking, sheesh!  How the heck am I going to pull this off?
Well, with a little effort, and a feminine, yet cool hairstyle, you can look as glamorous as you’d like on your prom night.  And what’s better than a braided hairstyle?
Why braids? For starters, braids get reinvented almost every year.  Besides, they are fun and runway girls have sported standout signature looks with plaits, deconstructed french braids and all kinds of Frida-esque crown braids.
To see our own Frida rendition by talented hair stylist Crystal Lake, click here.


Tip 1: Don’t Under-Estimate the Classic Heidi Braid

The Heidi Braid aka  goddess braidmilkmaid braid, Renaissance braid, or simply crown braid has been an  all-time favorite hairstyle for runway shows and the red carpet, and it will look glorious with any sleeveless gown, plus it will accentuate the lines of your neck and décolleté.




 Hairstyle Fit for a Goddess or a Prom Queen


 And If You Want to Try This Hairstyle at Home, We Found A Great How-To Tutorial for You

Tip 2:

Simple Prom Hairstyles Pair Well with Hair Accessories

To Make Your Heidi Braid Uber-Chic, Glamorize It with a Few Swarovski Hairpins



Add a Few Pearl Cluster Hairpins


However, if you still can’t do it yourself, don’t forget about our braid express service.  It is a quick,  15 minutes hair styling service for $45 (no shampoo with this service, so please come with clean hair) that will SAVE you at least $40, which you can use towards a great airbrush makeup session ( $85 and individual eyelashes are included!) with our makeup guru JV Galindo.  JV has extensive experience working at photo shoots, runway shows, TV, and film.  We enclosed an impromptu, unenhanced, video of JV prepping a prom queen a few years ago.


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