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Transitioning To Natural Hair: Natural Hair Tips From Stylist Nicole Parkinson

For decades now, African-American women tamed their temperamental, kinky curly locks into sleek, straight hairstyles.  But after years of chemical straighteners, ethnic women are tired of frazzled, battered locks with no personality.  Every day now, one more woman with relaxed hair decides to go back to natural. Unconventional celebrities like Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding, supermodel Herieth Paul and Sudanese model Akuol de Mabior are not afraid to show their wild side.  So why not YOU?


Transitioning To Natural Hair Is Always Hard.  Hair Stylist Nicole Parkinson, Who Went Back to Natural Hair After Years Of Chemical Straightening Herself, Has Natural Hair Tips For You:

Going Natural Hair Styles

  • How To Transition To Natural Hair? With The Big Chop

The easiest way to get rid of your relaxed hair is to chop it all off.    While cutting your hair off into a very low Afro seems like a drastic measure, it will save you all the trouble of  having to style hair with dual texture.

However, If Cutting Off ALL Your Hair Seems Too Hard, These Tips Are For You:


  • Regular Haircuts Are Crucial.

You must trim your hair every six weeks  to remove relaxed ends.

  • Condition Regularly And Keep Your Hair Hydrated.

Hydrating dry hair is perhaps the most important thing during this transition.  Moisturize your hair with deep-conditioning treatments once a week.  Otherwise, your hair will break at the point where your natural hair fiber meets the relaxed one.

  • Wear Your Hair Into Protective Hairstyles.

Wear protective hairstyles, such as strand twists, braided extensions, or weaves, but never longer than three months.

  • Plan Well And Don’t Give Up.

No matter how you slice it, it will take you about two years to go back to your natural hair, so hang in there. 🙂

transitioning to natural hair

P.S. Don’t replace your relaxer with a keratin treatment.  I did that to my hair, thinking it’s less drastic. I thought a smoothing, keratin treatment will offer me a transitional solution. The truth is that it took me longer to grow out the processed hair.  The keratin treatment never wore off of my ends.  Between the treatment and the heat from the flat-iron, my hair stayed straight for longer than it would’ve.

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  • Diymicrodermabrasionathome.Com October 24, 2015, 1:47 AM

    You may really feel some dryness and also flaking
    for any few days soon after a microdermabrasion treatment,
    but some at property moisturizers will help with this. If you are a initial timer, you might want to start off off with
    two remedies a month to get a few months, then many individuals go down to just one particular remedy a month.

  • Takira Smith January 21, 2015, 6:00 PM

    I wanted to know the options for someone like me. My last relaxer was April 18, 2014. I have worn protective styles for a portion of that time (weaves). But, I am an attorney and don’t really see kinky twists and braids as professional options and don’t always want a weave installed. Will I damage my hair by trying to maintain a somewhat straight hairstyle. I’ve been doing wash and roller sets since I took my last weave out. Will this hurt the transitioning process? Do you have any other styling ideas? Thanks!

  • Lisa Perry January 15, 2015, 8:21 PM

    Hi Nicole, my hair is natural and I wanted to go straight again for my birthday. I wanted to hot press my hair and I wanted to know your opinion on that method. I used to go to the Dominican salons for a wash and set, but my hair starting deteriorating after a few months. I came to the conclusion that they used way too much heat on my hair. I remember my mom used to bring me to the salon to get a press and curl and truthfully – my mom kept my hair long until I started taking control of my hair. The salon I went to as a girl is no longer there and I would really like to go to an experienced person who can press my hair at the appropriate temperature so as not to burn off my hair. Thank you for your expertise- Lisa

    • admin January 16, 2015, 3:16 AM

      Hi Lisa,

      It’s best if you call the salon when you have a chance and talk to Nicole directly. She’ll tell you all you need to know.


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