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Trick Or Treat At Lance Lappin-TriBeCa salon

Lance Lappin Hair StylistHalloween at Lance Lappin Salon in New York is an experience no one in TriBeCa wants to miss.  Every year without fail Lance adorns his windows, fills his baskets with candy and takes a seat on his stoop awaiting trick or treaters.
Lance Lappin and his wife Ivy opened Lance Lappin salon at 123 West Broadway 26 years ago. Yes, that’s right, he’s been a small business owner in Tribeca for a quarter century.  If anyone remembers TriBeCa 26 years ago you know he’s a true pioneer.
Lance Lappin attracts an eclectic group of hair stylists who have extensive experience working in a New York salon environment.  They are free from any sort of snobbery and care about each other and every client like family.  They are true artists who know their craft.

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  • Ann Hawker November 30, 2010, 6:24 PM

    As far as I’m concerned Lance and Ivy Lappin’s Salon is the only place to go to have your hair cared for – in NYC or in London come to that. You will hope you meet people you want to impress on the way home after Lance cuts your hair – and they will notice your hair, believe me Even at my age they say ‘How beautiful your hair is. How do you get it to look like that, it’s beautiful?’ Puts a skip in your step, that does. (And I didn’t make that up.)

    Trust me.

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