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Where To Get Hair, Makeup And Professional Headshots? We’ve Got You Covered

Wondering where to get hair, makeup and professional headshots? Our team of stylists, professional makeup artists and headshot photographer has you covered.

Hair stylist Dino Mastrogiovanni

Whether you are competing in a beauty pageant or preparing for a modeling career, you will need to become good at doing your own hair and makeup.

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Top stylist Dino Mastrogiovanni has a few hair and makeup tips that will help you become more efficient with your daily beauty routine.

1) Blowouts can be challenging and time consuming. Invest in the best hair straightener you can. A hair straightening treatment will make your hair shiny, smooth and easy to handle. It will also reduce the blow-drying time.

2) Blow dry your newly straightened hair upside down for volume using a vent brush. Brush your hair in all directions to lift your roots and make your hair bouncy.

3) A good curling iron is a must have. Making straight hair wavy is much easier than making wavy hair straight. Once your hair is dry, take big strands of hair and wrap the ends around the curling iron.

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1) Always moisturize your skin before applying foundation, it will prevent your face from looking cakey.

2) Use a water based foundation. They are designed to achieve a natural-looking, dewy finish and have a sheer to medium coverage properties.

3) Make sure the foundation matches your skin tone perfectly. There shouldn’t be color demarcation between your face and neck. Best way to test the shade of your foundation is on your jaw line, not wrist.

4) Less is more. Never over saturate your brush with powder. You can always add more, but it will be really hard to remove too much makeup.

Hair and makeup tips

Headshot Tips From Marco: How to prep for your headshot:

1) Never get a facial, or a chemical peel right before your photography session.

2) Never spray tan the day before.

3) Get a good night sleep.

4) Your skin must be hydrated, so make sure to drink plenty of water.

5) Ditch all salty foods the day before.

6) Practice in the mirror your facial expressions and your best smile.

7) Wear high heels. Even though it’s a headshot, high heels will make you feel sexy and confident. After all, it’s all about attitude.

Hair And Makeup: Dino Mastrogiovanni

Photography: Marco Candela-Michelus

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